Cylinder Safety

  • Know how to shut off the valve on the cylinder;
  • Only use a licensed gas fitter to install new or additional cylinder fittings. It is illegal for an unlicensed person to install or repair cylinders. On completing a gas installation, your gas fitter must provide you with a compliance document;
  • Do not attempt to repair a cylinder yourself. Never remove or tamper with valves or a corroded cylinder by grinding, drilling or welding; and
  • Cylinders must be inspected and tested by a suitably qualified person every 10 years. Out of test date cylinders cannot legally be filled.

Cylinder Transportation
Generally Kleenheat will deliver cylinders in excess of 13kg to your premises. Should you need to transport a cylinder yourself then it must stand upright, be secured and in an open vehicle (e.g. a utility or trailer). Make sure the valve is turned off and cannot be moved during transport. A maximum of two cylinders can be transported at any one time.

Leisure cylinders (8.5kg and below) can be carried in an enclosed vehicle. Again, the cylinder must stand upright, be secured and should be kept in the car for as little time as possible. We recommend a maximum of two cylinders should be carried at any one time.