Go carbon neutral

Carbon offset with Kleenheat and go 100% carbon neutral on your natural gas usage.

If you choose to opt-in, your carbon offset contribution will cover the cost of acquiring offset units to balance out the emissions relating to your natural gas.

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What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsets are used to balance out emissions from an organisation or individual, to bring their carbon footprint down to zero.

Offset units are generated by projects that reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere, such as reforestation or renewable energy.

By purchasing carbon offsets, individuals and organisations can reduce the net emissions created that contribute to climate change.

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Why choose to carbon offset with Kleenheat?

​As a truly local energy provider, 100% of the carbon offset units we purchase will be generated by Australian projects.

Go carbon neutral

When you opt-in to offset your emissions, your natural gas usage will be carbon neutral.

This means each household can offset the carbon emitted into the atmosphere through their daily usage of natural gas cooking and heating appliances.

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Feel good about local offsets

As an organisation born and based in WA, it is important for us to keep things local.

To date, Kleenheat has purchased offsets generated by a reforestation project covering 5,700 hectares across the Wheatbelt and Mid West.

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Certified good for the planet

Kleenheat has worked with Climate Active to achieve certification of our opt-in carbon neutral natural gas product.

This means we’ve taken measures to ensure the impact of us providing natural gas to opted-in customers will result in emissions being balanced to become neutral.

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Product

Our net zero target

Kleenheat is committed to net zero emissions for our operations by 2050.

By introducing the option to carbon offset, we’re giving our customers the choice to take action alongside us.

Learn more about sustainability at Kleenheat

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How is my contribution calculated?

Carbon offset contributions are calculated based on your household consumption of natural gas.

To calculate your carbon offset contribution, your units of consumption will be multiplied by a unit price. The unit price is set by Kleenheat and is based on the cost of acquiring offset units. The unit price set by Kleenheat may fluctuate over time, due to the availability of carbon offsets for purchase.

Once you opt-in, your carbon offset contribution will be applied to the whole billing period. This means your natural gas usage will also be carbon neutral for the whole billing period.

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Frequently asked questions

The option to opt-in to carbon offset is available to new or existing customers on natural gas plans.

For new customers, opt-in when you sign up online or by calling 13 21 80.

Of course, you can opt-out of carbon offsetting at any time. Simply call 13 21 80 or head to My Account. The opt-out works immediately and will be applied to the entire billing period, so you won’t be charged a carbon offset contribution for the current billing cycle.

Kleenheat’s natural gas residential customers have the opportunity to carbon offset. Carbon neutral natural gas will be available on all natural gas plans: Monthly Energiser, Monthly Smart Saver and Standard Form Contract.

We’re working on extending carbon offsetting to Kleenheat LPG customers as soon as possible.

Your carbon offset contribution is dependent on how much natural gas your household consumes in a billing cycle.

Billing cycles are seasonal, so there will be fluctuation in your carbon offset contribution throughout the year.

For the average Kleenheat natural gas customer, the carbon offset contribution will be around the cost of a barista brewed coffee from your favourite cafe each month.*

If you are an existing customer, you can estimate your carbon offset contribution by looking at a previous bill and multiplying the number of units used by the unit price. View prices and fees for all natural gas customers.

If you are a new customer, give our customer service team a call on 13 21 80 to discuss your estimated carbon offset contribution.

​*Comparison is based on a regular sized coffee purchased from a café in the Perth Metro area and the average carbon offset contribution over the course of a year.