DocuSign frequently asked questions

DocuSign is a secure online platform allowing customers to sign contracts electronically. In this instance, Kleenheat signs contracts with our business customers via DocuSign as part of our contract signing process.

DocuSign is a digital, online platform and requires an eSignature. One minute long instructional video is available online.

Watch the video here.

DocuSign links will expire after 5 clicks or 48 hours. If you click your emailed link and it has expired, follow the prompts to “send new link” when you are ready to review your offer or sign the contract.

No, you do not need to sign up. If you do choose to sign up, DocuSign will save your signature for any future DocuSign reviews and approvals you might action, be they with Kleenheat or for transactions you complete with other organisations that also use DocuSign.

If you cannot sign off a DocuSign document there are two options;

  1. You can request that the Sender re-assign the DocuSign review to a different person and different email address.
  2. You can open the Envelope by clicking the yellow ‘Review Documents’ button, then, under ‘Other Actions’ you can re-assign to the appropriate person.

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Yes, you can save and complete a review as you go. Find the tab titled ‘other actions’ and select ‘finish later’.

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Your Envelope is the file, portfolio or online portal between Kleenheat and yourself. All documents and review and approvals will take place within this ‘Envelope’. If the Sender is correcting the Envelope, they must finalise their corrections before you can access the document.

Please contact the Sender regarding these corrections if you need clarification. If the Envelope is not accessible, this might be because it has been voided or sent to you by mistake. Again contact the Sender for further clarification if required.

In a DocuSign Envelope, the ‘Sender’ is the person who originally created the Envelope and sent it to you. In the case of an energy offer from Kleenheat, the Sender will be your Business Sales Consultant. A ‘Signer’ is anyone requested to provide information, make an approval, or digitally sign a document in the Envelope. There may be multiple Signers, including the Customer.

When corresponding with Kleenheat or actioning items yourself for review, the Sender is that who has actioned an item for review/approval. So this can be you, or Kleenheat. The Signer is that who is required to sign a document.

Once a DocuSign item has been sent to someone via email notification, the email cannot be forwarded on to anyone else to open or action. For security reasons, the links within the email are unique to the recipient. If a recipient chooses to share the DocuSign Envelope with another person, they can request that the Sender uses the DocuSign forward feature to provide a copy of the DocuSign Envelope with another person, or to a different email address of their own.

If the ‘finish’ button is not appearing, it is due to one or more incomplete required fields. Once a page has had all required fields completed, a green check mark appears. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact the Sender for further clarification.

If you are in DocuSign and your session times out from inactivity, you may need to start again. For security reasons, DocuSign will time out when a page has been inactive for a period of time. We recommend selecting ‘finish later’ to save your progress before switching to another task.