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Customer close-up: Cafe at the Hyatt

Welcome to the buffet with a large dollop of magnificence. Herb-crusted roast pork, blood orange sorbet and a smorgasbord of cheese – strolling into ‘Cafe at the Hyatt’ you could be mistaken for being in a fine dining establishment.

The contemporary design features three interactive cooking stations: the show kitchen, deli counter and dessert bar. Immaculately presented chefs dressed in whites are positioned at each, tossing salads, carving roasted meat and applying the final touches before elegantly presenting and serving to guests.

Despite the deceptively large area, Cafe at the Hyatt maintains intimacy despite the crowds, due to its clever arrangement and subtle lighting. It offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere, evidently catering to all, including business meetings, holiday-makers and ladies that lunch.


The attractive menu offers a variety of dishes from 21-day aged Angus scotch fillet, to baked Granny Smith apple tart with ginger sable. However, the star player here is the buffet, buffet being a term that should be used lightly.

We opted for one buffet and one normal menu item. From the ‘normal’ menu I picked the pan fried northern territory barramundi with Puy lentil, cauliflower skordalia, kale, sea vegetable and fresh tomato with dill pollen – fancy. It was hard to hold off the crusty bread rolls while watching the masses descend on the buffet, but definitely worth the wait. The fish was soft and full of flavour, with the added bonus of a crispy fried skin. The accompanying vegetables complemented the dish perfectly. As someone with a large appetite I was left pleasantly satisfied, some may have caught me rubbing my belly in delight.


The buffet was extensive with too many highlights to name. But just to paint a culinary picture here’s some of the areas where we made an indentation: roast pork from the hot grill; smoked salmon and buttery prawns; Waldorf salad, Camembert from the cheese board (that cut through like butter), and don’t get me started on the dessert collection. There were literally shelves and shelves of sugary goodness – ok maybe not good in the health sense, but it’s definitely worth ignoring the current diet regime or making an exception for lent! Triple-layered cakes, shooter desserts (decadent vanilla mousse, thick caramel sauce, chocolatey heaven), waffles, mini tarts and fresh tropical fruit. There were even a couple of what I can only describe as porcelain flower pots that you could imagine being filled with potted herbs. However that would be too boring for Cafe at the Hyatt, these pots were filled with shards of chocolate – a bucket of white and a bucket of dark!


There is no wonder why this ‘café’ is so awarded, having been recognised in the Gold Plate Hall of Fame after winning three consecutive Gold Plate awards and six in total. This isn’t just a convenient place to grab a bite while staying over at the hotel, this is sophisticated dining minus the airs and graces. Whether seeking a new lunch spot at work, or hunting a post-work feed, this is a true dining experience that deserves a place on every Perth dining hit list.


Cafe at the Hyatt

99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

T: 9225 1239

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