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KEEDAC – a safe and welcoming space, improving the lives of Aboriginal people in the Wheatbelt.

Kaata-Koorliny Employment & Enterprise Development Aboriginal Corporation, KEEDAC, is an Aboriginal Corporation and its activities are aimed at improving the lives of Aboriginal people and improving the interactions with Non-Aboriginal people.

Who and what is the purpose of KEEDAC? KEEDAC Community Centre Narrogin Grant recipient

KEEDAC’s mission is to improve the lives of Aboriginal families in the Wheatbelt. Founded in 1998, they’ve been active in the community for 24 years. With two locations in Northam and Narrogin, their reach extends across the Wheatbelt from Jurien Bay in the north, Wagin, and Williams in the south, and east as far as Southern Cross and Kalgoorlie.

The services KEEDAC provide are diverse, but with clear objectives. They focus on lifting people out of poverty, providing mental health support, improving community engagement, and offering training and work-related skills and qualifications programs.

How does a donation or grant make a difference for an organisation like KEEDAC?

Money is always tight for an organisation like KEEDAC. Given their breadth of need, they are faced with an aim to service, so, funding and donations are always stretched as far as possible.KEEDAC Community Centre Narrogin Grant recipient

The Kleenheat grant allowed KEEDAC to stock a fully operational kitchen that is now used to cater for workshops, activities, and training at the Community Centre in Narrogin. The kitchen facilities don’t just provide a functional space, but a welcoming one too, with all clients and visitors encouraged to enjoy a hot drink and a safe and comfortable place in which to engage with KEEDAC.

Kerry Hobbs is a local Aboriginal woman from the surrounding Ballardong – Kaartdijin country. Kerry is a Team Leader for KEEDAC’s care workers and peer support staff, directly managing the care of clients.

Kerry came aboard after experiencing KEEDAC’s services initially as a client. She appreciates what a difference the organisation made in her life and how it allowed her to develop and move into a better place. She now puts her skills and knowledge to good use and looks forward to making a difference.

“Many people aren’t aware that we have large Indigenous communities here in the Wheatbelt. We share many of the challenges of the more remote areas and we care for thousands of our Aboriginal family over nearly 10,000 square kilometres!.”, Kerry Hobbs, Team Leader at KEEDAC, from Ballardong – Kaartdijin country.

Connecting the local community.

Linda Phillips is a non-Aboriginal woman, and Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer of KEEDAC, who moved from Perth to Narrogin and joined KEEDAC after her previous experience in similar roles. She focuses on offering her best practice standards to the growth of KEEDAC’s success and longevity.

“There are great benefits in engaging with the Aboriginal community and KEEDAC aims to grow the ways in which this is encouraged.”

KEEDAC delivers their workshops, training and activities with a team of 10 staff including care workers, and via a joint venture with Wanslea, which provides another 15 case and care workers.KEEDAC Community Centre Narrogin Grant recipient

In addition, KEEDAC works with local organisations with interests in common, including the Shire of Narrogin, YMCA at the Leisure Centre, Accessibility over physical disablement issues, the Chamber of Commerce, job provider companies, local businesses offering employment and the local Community Garden.

To assist in recruiting local staff and Aboriginal staff in particular, KEEDAC has since embarked on a program of facilitating local training courses, so that local people can gain the skills needed to work with KEEDAC.

In 2021, KEEDAC ran a Certificate IV course in Mental Health in Narrogin, in which ten new students attained their qualification. KEEDAC has also worked with TAFE in both Northam and Narrogin in order to provide Certificates II and III in Community Support. They aim to then recruit qualified students to join the KEEDAC team.

“We see providing local skills training as a key factor in empowering local people to join KEEDAC in our care worker roles.”

Learn more about KEEDAC by following along on their Facebook page, or by visiting their website

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    Penny Williams said:

    Kerry is amazing passionate and committed who welcomes all KEEDAC provides a safe place for everyone to get help and together support positive changes.

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