Big gas savings you'll warm to.

Kleenheat is WA’s born and bred energy company with a track record for delivering genuine ongoing value to households in our home state.

Now WA Seniors Card members can enjoy bigger savings on natural gas, thanks to our exciting local partnership.

Heat up your gas savings.

Switch today and receive 39% off your gas usage charges for 2 years* on our Monthly Smart Saver plan.

Redeem and save 39% on gas usage charges for 2 years* with Kleenheat. Simply contact Customer Service or call 13 21 80 and quote: WASENIORS39

Why choose Kleenheat?

  • WA based service and support
  • No setup or termination fees
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Switching takes just minutes

Earn flybuys points

We’ve partnered with Australia’s most popular loyalty program to help you earn flybuys points with every Kleenheat bill. Simply enter your flybuys details when you switch and you’ll earn one point for every dollar spent on gas*, which you can put towards items ranging from fashion and homewares to technology and travel.

*Terms and conditions apply

Service with a smile

We’re in WA, and we’re here for you. Providing top-notch service to all our customers across WA and the NT. Kleenheat make gas easy, so life can just flow.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to notify my existing natural gas supplier?

No – we’ll save you the hassle. As part of our normal process, Kleenheat lets your property’s existing provider know you’ve chosen better value energy with WA’s local supplier.

Do I need to change my gas meter?

No. Switching to Kleenheat means no changes to your gas meter or any of the infrastructure delivering natural gas into your home. You don’t even have to notify your current provider – we take care of everything. It’s the same gas from the same pipes, just better value.

Is there any difference in gas quality?

No difference whatsoever. In fact, it’s impossible for the quality to be different. We buy our gas from reputable WA suppliers who source it from WA gas fields. Because all gas co-mingles on its way down the Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline, WA natural gas customers (Kleenheat or otherwise) enjoy the same gas from the same pipes.

How are monthly instalments calculated?

Monthly instalments reflect your home’s likely gas usage for the three months ahead. In most cases, we’ll base instalments on gas used at the same time the previous year.

If we don’t have gas usage history for your home, or if it’s a new house, we’ll base instalments on average Perth metro household usage for the upcoming period.

Once we receive your home’s quarterly gas meter readings from ATCO Gas – who maintains WA’s natural gas network – we use the information to balance your account across your next period of instalments.

Make the switch today

Join more than 200,000 households who have already switched to Kleenheat and now enjoy genuine ongoing value with WA’s true local supplier.