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Save money by saving energy

The best way to reduce your energy costs is by understanding your appliance energy usage for your home. Take a look below at the average usage for appliances and simple, effective ways you can save both energy and money. Making a few small changes to the way you use energy could make a difference to your next energy bill.

Hot water

Regardless of the type of hot water heater you have, everyone can save energy and water by following these tips:

  • Taking shorter showers
  • Installing a water saving shower head (AAA rated) can reduce the water used from 22L per minute to just 9L per minute.
  • Less water used means less energy used to heat the water
  • Immediately repair dripping hot water taps
  • When doing the dishes, fill the sink with just the water you need instead of leaving hot taps running
  • Ensure that the temperature on your hot water storage tank is set at 60 degrees Celsius. Higher than this will use gas and electricity unnecessarily, but lower may allow bacteria to thrive. The temperature on an instantaneous system should be no more than 50 degrees Celsius
  • If you have a hot water storage tank system, turn it off when you go on holiday
  • Maintain your hot water system every five years


Save money on your heating costs by:

  • Lowering the temperature on the thermostat – a couple of degrees will make all the difference
  • In winter buy some thicker curtains. These will help keep the heat in, limiting the amount of time the heating needs to be on for
  • Thicker duvets and blankets on your bed will also limit the need for heating
  • Consider putting the heating on a timer so it automatically switches off. It can be very easy to forget to switch your heating off.


  • Turn off lights in rooms you are not using
  • Consider using a lamp rather than overhead lights
  • Change old globes to energy efficient fluorescent globes

Washing machine

Some washing machines use hot water via a hot water inlet, whereas others take in cold water and heat it within the washing machine. Did you know? Washing in cold water will effectively clean clothes and remove stains.

  • Consider using warmer water only for heavily soiled clothes or bedding.
  • Washing your clothes on a cold water cycle will generally save energy.
  • Making sure you have a full load when using your washing machine will also help.

Energy efficient appliances

By choosing energy efficient appliances you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on your gas and electricity bills.


  • Don’t leave your appliances in standby mode, turn off at the wall.
  • Check your fridge seals to ensure they are intact and not letting out cool air.

For more ways to beat the chill and bill shock this winter, check out more of our saving energy tips.

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