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Kleenheat’s backyard cricket rules

It’s that time of year when the cricket is on TV; the Big Bash or the famous Boxing Day Test Match and we all need to do something to work off that Christmas feast…I am talking about the age-old Australian tradition of ‘Backyard Cricket’.

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All that’s required is at least three willing mates, family members or the kids next door and a thin strip of flat backyard. The more obstacles in the backyard; the better, as those obstacles like the big Conifer bush, or Mum’s treasured concrete pighead statue or Dad’s shed – can be automatic fielders if hit on the full!

Grab a cricket bat, a couple of tennis ball and anything that resembles cricket stumps like the green wheelie bin and follow these simple Backyard Cricket rules:

  1. One hand, one bounce and you are out!
  2. ‘Tip and Run’ – if the backyard is big enough to allow for free flowing scoring.
  3. No player can be dismissed first ball when batting – to ensure everyone gets a fair go!
  4. Automatic wicketkeeper or ‘wickie’ – think the green wheelie bin or a chair (this is to save a fielder). The auto wickie never drops a catch.
  5. No Leg Before Wicket or LBW – remember a fair go for everyone.
  6. Six and Out – in the pool or over the fence (no one likes a big hitting show-off).
  7. One hand off the house/tree/fence: catches must be taken one-hand if the ball comes off the house/tree/fence.
  8. Earn a boundary (four runs) by using the pool fence or back fence as the boundary
  9. A quick game is a good game – batsman to retire after reaching 50 runs.
  10. Have fun!

Whether you think you are the next Steve Smith, with his unrepeatable batting technique or the next Terry Alderman with a taped up tennis ball swinging the ball around corners in the backyard then grab some willing players and start a game of backyard cricket. To truly enjoy an authentic Backyard Cricket experience – slip, slop and slap to protect from the sun, grab a cold drink, whack a snag on your BBQ powered by a Kleenheat Kwik-Gas bottle and enjoy our summer!

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The writer is Kleenheat’s own Alex Penter, our Regulatory Specialist and lawyer-in-training, and a swing bowler with over 240 wickets in WACA Premier Cricket, who has either dismissed or been a teammate of 12 out of the 18 Perth Scorchers Male BBL players.

One Response to “Kleenheat’s backyard cricket rules

  1. December 24, 2016 at 2:53 pm
    Warwick Boardman said:

    I agree with (7) but do not like (1) (assuming it is a bounce off the ground). I also think it can be fun to allow runouts – the thrower can hit either ‘stump’ but they must hit it and overthrows are allowed. It might be a good idea to let a person have ‘two’ batsmen, since they have to retire at 50 anyway – and if they get out first ball it counts!

    I’m surprised that a gas bottle isn”t recommended as the stumps.