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Kleenheat Staff Profile: Ben Naicker

It may have started as a family affair but 12 years on, Ben Naicker has worked his way up as a Business Representative for Kleenheat’s LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) business. Kleenheat continues to be a shared common ground with his family, literally, because Ben and his wife, Pareen, both work in the same office and carpool to work together every day.

How long have you been working at Kleenheat?

I’ve been with Kleenheat since 2003 when my family purchased the Rockingham Gashouse franchise. When my father retired from the business, I went on to running the Kleenheat Gas House depot in Mundaring for six months.  In July 2010, I saw the opportunity to work as a Business Representative for LPG and have been in the role for almost five years now.

Can you explain you role within the business?

Creating and maintaining new business opportunities is essential to what I do every day and entails the following:

Manage my LPG clients portfolio

  • Prepare proposals, detail costings and contract documents for clients
  • Project manage installation and removal of our products
  • Ensure all business activities comply with relevant acts and legal demands
  • Communicate between departments to manage and maintain clients’ needs

What’s involved in a typical work day for you?

It largely includes negotiating contracts with clients, site visits which could include a pre install check, a risk assessment or audit, safe handling training for various Kleenheat LPG products and

replying to a lot of emails.

Best part about working for Kleenheat?

Without a doubt, the people! I also like that I get to spend lunch with my wife, Pareen, because we work in the same office. It’s also great to be able to understand each other when we talk about how our day. Also, being able to participate in community/charity events like City to Surf, makes it easier for us to spend more time together with a company that shares the same values as us.

Do you have any career advice for someone wanting to follow in a similar career path?

The stars might have always been aligned for me from the beginning when I was working for my family’s Kleenheat store business because it seems this role is just so suited to me. I think it’s important to follow your intuition and take the opportunities that come your way because you’ll regret it if you don’t give yourself the chance to try for something you think you might have a good shot at.

Finally, what are some of you interests outside of the business?

I’m quite family orientated and love spending time with them and my friends whether its watching sports, eating, travelling or checking out the newest small bar in Perth.


(L-R) Representing Kleenheat at City to Perth 2014, Pareen and Ben at their wedding.


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