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Staff Profile: Customer Service

You’re frustrated, annoyed and don’t have much time.  You just want your issue sorted.  You call 13 21 80 and select to be transferred through to a member of the Customer Service Team.  Your call is promptly answered and at the end of your conversation you wonder, who was the person behind the voice? This month for our staff profile I tracked down Suzi, one of our Customer Service Officers.  Suzi provides us with an insight into her work day and what she enjoys most about Kleenheat.


How long have you been working at Kleenheat?

Only five months, but working in such a friendly team it feels a lot longer.

Can you explain you role within the business?

I am a Customer Service Officer and I work in the Customer Service Team based in Murdoch.  I provide a point of contact for both new and existing customers, assisting them in setting up their account, providing account information and updating customer details.  I’m a friendly voice and love ensuring our customers have an awesome experience when they call Kleenheat.

What’s involved in a typical work day for you?

Let me begin by saying it’s busy and my days go by very quickly. I guess it helps when you love what you are doing.  For the most part, my day is spent answering customer enquiries for both LPG and natural gas, whether by answering phone calls, attending to emails or even the odd fax. We receive lots of enquiries from potential customers about our natural gas plans, offers and discounts as well attending to account queries from our existing customers. I love it when I get the chance to phone our newly acquired customers, and thank them for selecting Kleenheat and embracing the option of now having a choice. A choice that saves them money!

Best part about working for Kleenheat?

Definitely the team culture within our office. We work as one to ensure that our objectives are met and that we do a great job. I really feel part of the Kleenheat family!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to follow in a similar career path?

It’s important to stay focused on the customers needs and really listen to what they are telling you.  I like to ensure I effectively deal with the customer when they phone, having to phone back again would be really annoying for them. A friendly voice and a smile really helps too!

Finally, what are some of you interests outside of the business?

When I’m not at work, I spend my spare time teaching fitness classes. I’m also training to run a half marathon next year, so much of my time is spent pounding the pavement!

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