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Kleenheat Staff Profile: Customer Advocate

Our customer advocate Bernie!

At Kleenheat we have a diverse workforce, spanning across Australia. Roles are wide ranging, we encompass everything from engineers, to retail staff to ramp hands and we hope to bring you closer to them by featuring staff profiles on a regular basis. In our first, we feature a long serving and well known staff member, Bernadette Hall, who is one of our most experienced customer advocates.

How long have you been working at kleenheat?

15 years

Explain  the role of a customer advocate:

The objective of my role as Customer Advocate is to provide an independent and impartial approach to the resolution of customer complaints, issues and disputes. I take ownership of customer issues and complaints, and source information from knowledge experts across Kleenheat to achieve a resolution.

I also provide information relating to the root cause of a problem or issue, and in most situations project manage the solution.  Which enables me to proactively identify issues and concerns impacting our customers, ensuring each customer has a positive experience. 

What’s involved in a customer advocates typical day?

One of the reasons I enjoy my job so much is there is no typical day.  When a customer asks for assistance my focus is on working closely with other departments within Kleenheat to reach a resolution with the customer.   My role is aligned with the Customer Service Team which gives me the ability to assist our team in enhancing and delivering great customer service.

Best part about being a customer advocate for Kleenheat Gas?

Funnily enough the challenge of dealing with complaints and sourcing a resolution doesn’t suit everyone, however this really suits my personality.  I have been told it is not a job for everyone but I really love it – of course when you help a customer this is a great feeling.

Any career advice you may have?

Be energetic, excited and passionate about what you do.  Take pride in your work and most importantly enjoy your job.

Kleenheat is asking customers what they love about winter in our current campaign #lovewinter. What do you love about winter?  

Snuggling with my family in my warm lounge room, listening to the rain hitting the tin roof.


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