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Kleenheat LPG helps ease the freeze for Antarctica researchers

Kleenheat LPG
is known for for reaching more places across Western Australia and the Northern Territory, but an 18,500km journey to one of the coldest places on Earth is something  altogether different.

One of our delivery trucks recently pulled up alongside Fremantle port to greet the return of Chinese research vessel Xue Long following her 33rd voyage to Antarctica.

On board was some precious cargo: Kleenheat 45kg LPG cylinders put to good use as part of a 78-day scientific expedition.

A closer look at a big issue

Antarctic sea ice is diminishing at an alarming rate, which impacts ocean currents and influences other environmental behaviour.

In late 2016, Xue Long (literally translated to “Snow Dragon”) left Shanghai port with 128 Chinese, American and French scientists aboard.

Over the next three months, the team carried out important research in marine chemistry, ecology, geology, geophysics and sea ice dynamics.

This involved setting up 82 temporary observation stations and deploying GPS-fitted submerged buoys to collect longer-term research data.

Information gathered will generate new insights into the changing ocean environment and help inspire  fresh sustainability solutions  for the Antarctic region.

The energy behind the research

As you can image, things tend to get a little chilly in Antarctica. Xue Long helped ensure the safe delivery of Kleenheat LPG cylinders to Zhongshan Station – the team’s research base – providing scientists with a reliable gas supply for cooking and heating needs.

Kleenheat worked closely with Inchcape Shipping Services for the safe transport of our cylinders, with Xue Long well-equipped to ensure their smooth return to WA.

About Xue Long

Built in 1993, Xue Long spans 167m in length and boasts 100 square metres of laboratory space. It also features an Arctic class autonomous underwater vehicle, plus a helicopter for ocean observation, safety control and emergency response.

Xue Long crew inspect Kleenheat LPG cylinders returned from Antarctica.

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