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Moving house? Get a lesson in the art of decluttering

Moving is no small feat. You’ve spent months, if not years transforming your house into a home so it’s not going to be easy to take everything apart and start afresh.

Here are five tips to ease your move and get you out with the old and in with the new ASAP:

  1. Less mess = more money in the bank

    There’s no doubt moving is expensive. If there’s one motivator for getting rid of all the excess items in your home, then it’s money! Take stock of everything in your house and sell the items you no longer need, or no longer suit your new home on Gumtree.

    Besides the money you make from selling the items, you’ll also save on other costs associated with moving – the less items you have to move, the smaller the moving truck you’ll need and you’ll save valuable time packing and unpacking.

  2. Tackle by item, not by room

    It might seem logical to pack up room by room but unless you’re planning to set up your new place in exactly the same way, it’ll just make unpacking a hassle later on.

    Pack by item instead and you’ll find that organising your things in categories such as books, appliances, electronics etc. will make unpacking and finding things in your new place a breeze.

  3. Start with the easy things

    It’s easy to spend hours going down memory lane once you find your box of keepsakes. Save the reminiscing for later though and tackle the easy stuff first.

    Pack away items like books, kitchenware, appliances and toiletries that don’t require much thought before getting started on the more sentimental stuff.

  4. Get sorted

    Once you start packing, you’ll want to get a system going and sort your items into piles that need to be donated, trashed, packed, recycled and displayed.

    You’ll only need to worry about a display pile if you’re selling your house and you need items for staging.

  5. Be brutal

    Packing up your home is hard work and you’ll need to get brutal if you don’t want to overload your new home with things you don’t need.

    Ask yourself when was the last time you used an item. The general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it for six months, then it’s time for it to go. Or, ask yourself if you want the item in your beautiful, clean, new home?

    If that doesn’t work, get someone who is more objective to go through the items with you so you don’t end up keeping things for its sentimental value.

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