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Local and loud: nine WA artists to fulfil your Fringe World binge

We love supporting local because we live here too and know WA produces premium talent!

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor

Fringe World 2020 starts 17 January and runs though to 16 February and has events across Perth and beyond. Plus, Australia Day long weekend is just around the corner. So enjoy a staycation and browse and book asap, so you don’t miss out!

Here’s our picks for local acts set to fire up audiences with fun and frivolous behaviour at Fringe World 2020.

We’ve factored in the Kleenheat Sizzle Factor so that you know what kind of frivolity you’re in for, so you can opt in or out before you book!


Comedy Hypnotist: Matt Hale: Random Acts of Mindness

Last year, we highlighted a local favourite, Matt Hale who is back again this year with a new show which will see you giggling with hypnotism!

Matt is a proud Englishman who has called Australia home for 20 years. He’s performed in rural WA, as well as on land and oceans around the world.RandomActsofMindness

This year will be his fifth stint at Fringe World, which is a sign he’s doing a thing or two to coerce us to see him again… maybe he’s a legit hypnotist.

Random Acts of Mindness will have you hypnotised with your own imagination and with some interesting consequences… as well as plenty of comedy and entertainment in between!

Where: Various locations
When: Various dates
Cost: $25.00 – $35.00
Time: 60 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Mild (lots of fun, family appeal)


Comedy Musical: Tony Galati The Musical!

Spuds are the most underrated vegetable out there; just ask Tony Galati (founder of WA based Spudshed). This year make sure you see what was a 2019 Fringe World hit, Tony Galati The Musical

The musical tells the tale of Tony, who in his casual attire and rugged appearance, achieved fame, by venturing from potato paddock to prime time with this battle against (the now defunct) Potato Marketing Corporation of WA in 2015.

Potatoes aren’t served during the musical, but you’ll walk away full to the brim with a new appreciation for this simple, starchy, root vegetable and those who grow ‘em.

Where: Main Hall at Girls School
When: 4 – 15 February
Cost: $32.00
Time: 60 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium (For almost everyone – mightn’t be ideal for kiddies)


Keen to try something else local? Check out 6056. Cameron McLaren delivers an hour of stand up on all things growing up in Midland. There’s likely something you can relate to or appreciate about this eastern suburb.

Where: Upstairs at The Kalamunda Hotel and The Basement at The Stables Bar6056 midland
When: 19 January in Kalamunda and various dates in January and February at The Stables.
Cost: $25.00
Time: 60 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium (For almost everyone – mightn’t be ideal for kiddies)



Here is a WA premiere for Fringe World 2020 brought to you by the Perth based Kinetica circus company.

These performances are always beautifully graceful; but for every suave move, there are always those death defying drops that keep your hands and derriere clenched.

Aria is one of those performances that makes you tingle and jump with nervous excitement as the performers dangle from ropes, fold themselves over themselves, swing above your head and fall within a hair breadth of the floor.

These aerial acts might make you dizzy, but you’ll be enjoying it more from the safety of your seat as you gaze in awe at these acrobatic, artistic stints paired with the melodious sound of live violin music. ARIA

Where: The Edith Spiegeltent at Yagan Square
When: 4 – 9 February
Cost: $26.00 to $35.00
Time: 60 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Mild (lots of fun, family appeal)


She’ll be Right: A Tradie Cabaret

Want to find a cabaret evening that the most manly of men will also willingly attend?

Then you might like to look no further than She’ll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret.

Russell, or ‘Rusty’ would rather be on Broadway, than on ladders, rigging or getting a tradie sock tan.Shell Be Right Tradie Cabaret

Watch as he trades his tradie skills for a few tricks of the Broadway stage.

From hi-vis to high street, he will present his own mix of tunes, and they’ve got everything to do with cement and lamenting a living he aspires to.

Plenty of laughs, a little dance number or two and a lotta local lingo will keep you flat out, on your toes for the whole show!

Where: The Briefing Room at Girls School and Chemistry at Girls School
When: 20 – 26 January
Cost: $23.00 – $31.00
Time: 60 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Mild (lots of fun, family appeal)


Birak Concert – Australia Day concert

If you are in search of a base for Australia Day, then 26 January at Supreme Court Gardens will be an ideal place to start, before the Skyworks brighten up your evening. Birak Concert

The Birak Concert will entertain you and the fam with music, dance, amusements, and food. The concert is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and communities. Birak is the Nyoongar name for the hot and dry months of December and January.

Where: Supreme Court Gardens
When: 26 January (Australia Day)
Cost: Free
Time: 4 hours 30 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Mild (lots of fun, family appeal)

A Swingin’ Gatsby Jazz Club with Catherine Summers

Catherine Summers

Catherine Summers has been popping up all over the Perth nightlife scene since 2008.

It’s no surprise she’s in such high demand with her talented vocals, witty words and sparkling personality. Her performances are always served up with plenty of wow factor and energy!

At Fringe World 2020, Catherine Summers is bringing the 20s back and will perform with the Cotton Club, a 5-piece band, as well as flashy cabaret girls, for an added pop! Enjoy glamour, glitz, golden oldies and jazzy revamps of the songs kids of 2020 are currently jigging along too.

Bonus! Dress for the occasion in Gatsby attire and get a complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival!

Where: Thomas Hardwick Room at The Old Brewery
When: 6 – 8 February and 13 – 15 February
Cost: $42.50 – $67.00
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Medium (For almost everyone – mightn’t be ideal for kiddies).

Kiara with a K:

Lovin’ all that jazz? Keen on another local gem involved in the cabaret jazz scene? Kiara is another local lady bringing the razzle dazzle to Fringe World 2020.Kiara with a K

Check out the Kiara with a K jazz cabaret evening which includes singing, dancing and a good dose of piping hot-sauce-y, burlesque fun.

Where: Chemistry at Girls School
When: 17 – 19 January
Cost: $32.00
Time: 60 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Hot (18+ so, first-dates or with friends, but maybe not Grandma.)

Anea Duratovic: Disney Jazz

For the whole fam-bam why not consider Anea Duratovic: Disney Jazz for a family night out? There are plenty of Disney classics to singalong with and a jazz band to boogy away with too.

Where: Ronnie NightsAnea Disney
When: 17 – 19 January and 23 and 24 January
Cost: $32.50
Time: 120 minutes
Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Mild (lots of fun, family appeal)

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Images courtesy of FRINGE WORLD Festival.

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