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Kleenheat Gas partnership with the Salvation Army

Back in 2009 when Kleenheat Gas was looking to align itself with a community organisation there were a couple of mandatories we were searching for: an organisation nationally assisting the communities both regionally and in the big cities and a partnership that allowed the flexibility of our own staff involvement. Those elements were found in The Salvation Army.

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The Kleenheat Gas Salvation Army partnership kicked off in October 2009 with the Regional Services program, aimed and providing $5000 a month to aid regional communities suffering from floods, droughts, bushfires and economic and social disadvantage. Salvation Army communities throughout regional Australia can apply for the payment by detailing their immediate needs. In 2014 we have made a difference in Bunbury Western Australia, East Gippsland and Geelong in Victoria, Orange in New South Wales and Burnie in Tasmania.

An example of how our donations make a difference in the regional communities is demonstrated by “Melissa” who had to relocate to Burnie for her own protection, staying in emergency accommodation. She has now transitioned into her own independent accommodation in the last few weeks after the support and mentoring on the Salvation Army.

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Kleenheat Gas Night Out Reach sponsorship

Last year with our help and an investment of $20,000,  The Salvation Army launched the Perth Night Outreach Service after a need to provide assistance on the streets of the CBD was identified as high priority. Through the Night Outreach Service, Salvation Army representatives and volunteers provided a personalised service, visiting clients in parks, laneways and at their squats to provide counselling and warmth through food, drink and blanket. Since then, the program has seen significant increases in contact and assistance to Perth’s homeless men by 330% and women by 407%.  A phenomenal result.

For Kleenheat, the Salvation Army assists us in achieving alignment & involvement with the local community. Keira Swayn from the Salvation Army sums up the partnership: “The Salvation Army transforms the lives of many disadvantaged Australians in our community and this would not be possible without supporters such as Kleenheat Gas. Their generosity allows us to deliver real services, to real people, in ways that meet their real needs”.

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