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Get the lowdown on the highlights of the weekend – courtesy of Anja!

Not sure what to get up to this weekend? Culture? Beach? Escape the heat?

Although there is bound to be something for you nearby on all of the above, let Anja guide you to the highlights!

We’re turning over control of our Twitter account  – @Kleenheat – to Anja for the entire day.

She’ll be seeking out the best events and shows and sharing them throughout the day. Aside from that – the reigns are with her!

More about Anja

Anja has been with Kleenheat for over a year, and is a key member of our sales support team. Based in Perth, she is a fan of Yoga and getting out and about in our fair city.

To learn more, to ask Anja a question or even give her your weekend rundown, stay tuned to our Twitter account – @Kleenheat throughout Friday.


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