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Telethon Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma


Congratulations to the 49 Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers (WesCEF)  employees who took part in this year’s Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma on Sunday and to everyone who made a donation. Kleenheat, as part of WesCEF,  helped to raise $9,755 towards the total  of $76,926.02. A special mention to our Senior Technical Support Officer Chun Yung, who raised $2,700, making him the third highest individual fundraiser at this year’s event.

Freeways were closed Sunday morning as more than 5,000 cyclists took part in the event’s 11th year which raises funds towards Asthma research and community programs by the Asthma Foundation WA (AFWA). Since its inception, the event has raised more than $1.2 million.

A number of different rides took place with the smaller cyclists starting at Belmont Park for a 3km ride, while others challenged themselves with the 15km, 35km and 75km route.

On October 24 2014 we launched our new partnership with the AFWA. Whilst our EVOL department has been supporting this worthy cause for some time, Kleenheat has jumped on board to also partner with AFWA. The foundation of that partnership is an initiative whereby Kleenheat will donate $50 to AFWA for every natural gas signup using the promo-code ASTHMAWACARE. The money raised will be used to provide asthma emergency kits containing vital medication to WA schools.

AFWA is community based not for profit organisation with a history spanning 50 years. The Foundation is dedicated to helping asthma sufferers breathe easier by distributing asthma information to the public and health industry, as well as providing education and training and funding vital respiratory research.

You can’t always see asthma, yet it affects one in ten people and one in nine children in WA. Asthma is a condition affecting the air moving in and out of the lungs through branching airways. Sufferers have sensitive airways and these will narrow when exposed to triggers such as cigarette smoke. When the airways are narrowed, Asthma sufferers find it hard to breath. There is no real answer to the cause of Asthma and there is no cure. However, with the existence of the Asthma Foundation WA, sufferers can learn to control the condition and funds can be allocated to finding a cure.

If you have symptoms such as wheezing, coughing or shortness of breath or to find out more about the Asthma Foundation WA visit their website.



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