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City to Surf and our Autogas Manager


On Sunday the 31st of August the city of Perth will host the grueling city to surf. Participants can choose to run the full marathon, the half marathon, walk/run 12km or walk/run/wheelchair the 4km. One of those fit and healthy participants is Kleenheat’s very own James Kimberley, Autogas Manager. We asked him a few questions about his preparation for the event for this weeks staff profile:

1. How long have you been running long distances?
I started running long distances when the City to Surf started offering the longer events. Previously I used to run the 12klm City to Surf course and have run this many times. I have now run two half marathons and two full marathons at the City to Surf. This year I am looking to run the half marathon.

2. Whats involved in your training regime?
Training & diet. I try and run up to six times a week in the three month lead up to the event, although in reality this can be extremely difficult to fit in with work and family commitments, resulting in many hours of training in the early hours of the morning to fit it in. As for diet, I find that my appetite increases significantly with all of the exercise.

3. What is your the favourite part of the Perth City to Surf course?
The great thing about entering into the City to Surf each year is that it gives me a goal to aim for and forces me to train and prepare for the event. I used to turn up to the 12klm event with very little preparation, whereas attending the half and full marathons have forced me to train well in advance. Overall, entering into the long distance events enables me to set some personal goals and endeavour to get the training completed. It is always good to head to the Wesfarmers Corporate tent after the event to recover, re-fuel with some breakfast, and hear the stories from other entrants.

4. What time are you aiming for?
Under two hours

5. What are your tips for staying mentally focussed?
No tips, it can be boring at times during the longer training runs, but it feels great once the longer runs are completed.

We wish James luck and if you are participating in the city to surf we hope you enjoy the event and achieve your goals too. If you haven’t registered there is still time, click here 




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