Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Understanding and celebrating the many cultures that enrich our community.

Embracing diversity in culture helps strengthen communities , build new relationships and encourage an inclusive and positive way of life.

Examples of Cultural Diversity initiatives include:

  • events or festivals celebrating culture and tradition,
  • supporting an upgrade to a multicultural community facility, or
  • programs that teach, inspire and promote cultural diversity.
Cultural Diversity
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The Djari Project – a collaboration between Netanela Mizrahi and Guwanbal Gurruwiwi

One of our 2021 Northern Territory Cultural Diversity recipients, The Djari Project, is a unique collaboration between local musicians Netanela Mizrahi and Galpu song-man and musician, Guwanbal Gurriwiwi, who have been composing and performing music together since 2016.

The Djari Ensemble is a collaboration features professional musicians and combines Yolngu Sacred Song, Middle Eastern and Western Classical music and Indigenous languages.

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