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End of an era - Armidale TLP gas supply

Kleenheat Gas is undergoing a major conversion project in the NSW country town of Armidale to switch some 800 domestic and commercial customers from a 110-year old reticulated gas supply called tempered liquefied petroleum (TLP), to newer and more reliable energy supply alternatives.


We purchased the system from the Armidale Dumaresq Council in 1997. The pipeline is around 120 kilometres long and constructed of three different materials – cast iron, galvanised pipe and non-metallic pipe.

Periodic reviews have been done on the system over the years but an increase in pipeline leaks requiring shutdowns for maintenance and repairs, and more and more customers leaving the network, prompted the company to conduct its most extensive review yet in 2010.


In the best interests of our customers and commercial viability, the facts told us it was time to decommission the TLP system and help our remaining TLP customers switch to a newer, more reliable energy option. For most customers, we’re recommending LPG cylinders or bulk LPG vessels.

Kleenheat recently extended the TLP shutdown to the end of August 2011.  To take advantage of discounts and subsidies available to Armidale TLP customers only who wish to convert to LPG cylinders, orders must be placed before the end of July.

Click here to read about Kleenheat's decision to extend the TLP conversion deadline.


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